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We produce biodegradable cellulose microparticles to replace plastic microbeads

About Naturbeads

Naturbeads are natural and biodegradable microbeads produced from renewable and sustainable resources. Naturbeads can be manufactured competitively at different scales and with properties matching those of persistent plastic microparticles

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our team

Giovanna Laudisio

CEO and Co-Founder

Giovanna has 15+ year of experience in R&D and technology commercialization. She is an experienced project manager with passion for environment and a track record of projects execution. Trained in the Lean LaunchPad methodology she has mentored several startups from Universities and other Institutes of higher learning, bringing business perspective to academic innovation.

Janet Scott

Technology Advisor - Chemistry

Janet has experience working in both academia and industry in three countries. She is Prof. of Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Bath where she has managed a grant portfolio of >£4m as PI over the past 5 years (>£15m including CoI grants), leading EPSRC, European Commission and the academic part of Innovate UK funded projects  with both large companies and SMEs.

Davide Mattia

Technology Advisor - Process Engineering

Davide is an expert in membrane science and separation technology. He is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath where he manages a portfolio of grants of £4m and a team of 8 PhDs and post-docs. Davide is an EPSRC established career fellow in water engineering part of Innovate UK funded projects  with both large companies and SMEs.

Roger Whorrod

Business Adviser

Roger has a BSc and an MSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. He successfully built three businesses manufacturing electro-mechanical products for the construction and petrochemical markets. Outside of business his main interest is philanthropy, particularly with his alma mater, the University of Bath.  He was a lay member of the University’s Council for nine years and is now Pro-Chancellor. In 2015 he was awarded an OBE for services to philanthropy and in 2016 the University of Bath awarded him the honorary degree of Doctor of Engineering.

Lolan Naicker

Principal Process Engineer

Lolan is a chartered chemical engineer with industrial experience in the design, operation and commissioning of chemical plants. He has a multi-disciplinary academic background in chemical engineering, physics and aerospace engineering. This was practiced over 14 years in technical roles across the petrochemical, nuclear, space, and consumer technology industries. He has relevant experience producing patented engineering technology and taking such ideas from “blank sheet of paper” to the build and test of full-scale prototypes.

Kantish Bhalerao

Process Technician

Kantish is an experienced R&D, Quality and Manufacturing technician. He worked 12 years in DuPont MicroCircuit Materials where he reached the role of Deputy Supervisor of the technicians’ team and had responsibilities for laboratory stewardship, health and safety and risk assessments. 

Simon Doughty

Applied Research Chemist

Simon graduated in July 2019 at the University of Leicester with a BS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. He joins Naturbeads as a Royal Society of Chemistry Intern

Naturbeads has received funding from Innovate UK and Sky Ocean Ventures to build a pilot plant and accelerate the commercialization of its cellulose microbeads technology.


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