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Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen

Bye bye microplastic pollution... Hello Naturbeads

Biodegradable, sustainable and cost competitive cellulose microparticles to replace plastic microbeads

"Big results require big ambitions"

- Heraclitus

At Naturbeads we replace polluting plastic microbeads with natural and biodegradable microbeads made from cellulose – what trees are made of. That's what our new patented and licensable process allows you to do today.

It's estimated that every year more than 250,000 tons of plastic microbeads added to many products we use every day enter the oceans and the environment, where they persist for centuries because they are not biodegradable. Plastic microparticles have been found in the food we eat, in the water we drink, and in the air we breathe.

Founded in 2018, our incredible team of researchers, engineers and marketeers has worked tirelessly to bring Naturbeads to the forefront of the industry offering a unique, biodegradable, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to currently used microplastics.

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A young and dynamic organisation with a passion for innovation

Every single employee in our team is driven by the realisation that if we want to leave to future generations a planet to live in, we need to change the way we interact with the nature surrounding us. Using circular, renewable, sustainable and natural resources is the only way forward.

As a team, each one of us, is committing to this goal - we are investing all our energies, our personal ambitions, our credibility and everyday efforts in making sure that our technology gains the trust and the appreciation of our clients.

Today we have developed a unique technology, offering a brilliant innovative solution to reduce carbon generating plastic usage in favour of cellulose, a material which conjugates unique mechanical and chemical characteristics with the same biodegradability of a tree's leaf.

We want our journey to be your journey and we look forward to accelerating our market development with you.

Our Commitment

Naturbeads offers cellulose solutions for a green planet. Our commitment to sustainability does not end with our products but extends to sourcing our feedstock materials from certified forestry or agricultural waste, licensing an energy efficient manufacturing process, and using non-toxic solvents which we recycle.

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