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Naturbeads is part of Charlie's story

Entreprise for Society center aims at building an ecosystem to advance sustainable innovation and drive action towards an inclusive, net positive planet. In 2023 Naturbeads has been included in the panel of 30 innovative start-ups showcasing in a dedicated booth their technology at the event.

In preparation for the exposition, the E4S team thought about the story of Charlie, a young woman living in a sustainable 2030 Lausanne. Charlie lives in a carbon neutral world and leveraging the innovations proposed by the start-ups invited to the event. The story is fictious but showcases the fact that sustainable development is not for tomorrow but it's happening now. This is the link to the event agenda and Charlie's story:

From in-depth and insightful talks from leading impact experts, to hands-on masterclasses and a sustainable solutions exhibition, Showcase 2030, pulled together industry leaders, researchers, startups, investors, international organizations and foundations for a full productive day at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne.


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