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Giovanna Laudisio finalist at the Businesswoman Awards

The programme was launched three years ago to recognise and celebrate the inspiring women innovating and leading the way in their respective industries. While there has been progress, statistics still show that men hold most of the top jobs, with just 8% of companies having a woman in the CEO role.

Despite the smaller representation, data published by business loans shows that women-led companies have an average revenue of $26 billion. In comparison, firms led by men have an average revenue of $20 billion.

Further studies estimate that £250 billion could be injected into the UK economy if women were equally as prominent in leading businesses as men. With much work to be done, the awards plays an active role in showcasing the importance of having more women in leading corporate positions and, ultimately, getting closer to realising swathes of untapped potential.

Giovanna Laudisio, Naturbeads' CEO, has been named as a finalist in the Engineering & Manufacturing Businesswoman category. This year’s Great British Businesswoman Awards Grand Final is set to take place in London on 22 November, we look forward to the event!


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