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Our Patented Innovative Technology

At Naturbeads we have developed a scalable, cost competitive process to manufacture biodegradable cellulose microspheres to replace microplastics in a wide range of consumers and industrial products.  


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Our cellulose microspheres


Our Active Projects

Partnership Focus

Licensing solutions: Innovation is at the heart of Naturbeads’ strategy of creating a portfolio of cellulose-based solutions. Our goal is to accelerate the deployment of our biodegradable beads to displace plastic microbeads via direct manufacturing and licensing solutions. We seek smart ways of cooperating with our clients to build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere, as quickly as possible. Our mission is to share with our clients our experience and intellectual property in beads manufacturing to quickly expand the volumes of manufactured Naturbeads. Naturbeads is continually building on its technology, tailoring our process to clients' demand. Interested in knowing more? 

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The microspheres market size is estimated at $7.95Bn in 2024. They provide key functions in a wide range of applications, but the use of plastic microspheres is subject to existing and incoming legislations in EU, China and other countries. Naturbeads can replace plastic microspheres, matching their function while being fully biodegradable.


Plastic microspheres are used in cosmetics as sensory agents, opacifiers, film formers, rheology modifiers. There are currently limited alternatives that can provide the same performance and the same price. Naturbeads, with their perfect spherical shape, smooth surface, high stability and narrow size distribution can match these functions, while being fully biodegradable.

Cosmetic Products

Life Science

Plastic microspheres are extensively used in life science, from in vitro cell substrates to enzyme carriers, for a variety of applications, from enzyme catalysis to vaccine production and cell culture. Naturbeads, available in a wide size range and with a biocompatible surface can match the performance of plastic microspheres, while being fully biodegradable.

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Paints & Coatings

Microplastics are added to paints & coating to increase solid content and reduce VOC, improve paint application and thixotropy, allow thicker layers, and provide dried paint properties like elasticity and scratch resistance. Naturbeads, with their spherical form, controlled roughness and porosity can match these functions, while being fully biodegradable.

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Microplastics are  used in the industrial sector, from separators in glass manufacturing to prevent adhesion between sheets, to drilling additives in fracking fluids. Naturbeads can be customised to match different characteristics, from hardness to porosity to surface chemistry, while maintaining their biodegradability.

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