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Sustainable Beauty Forum in Prague

Gianluca Merola, our CCO attended the 2nd Sustainable Beauty forum held in Prague on September 12 and 13. We had the opportunity to present our technology to an audience covering key clients as well as small start-ups aiming at growing their sustainable solutions. We also partecipated in a panel together with Beiersdorf, Natrue, Givaudan, and Biomerieux to discuss the penetration of sustainable products in the industry.

The sustainable beauty trend has been growing in popularity for years, but it has become even more popular during the pandemic. The primary factor for the increasing adoption of bio-based ingredients for personal care products is the harmful effects of chemical products on both the end consumers and the environment.

As public interest in sustainability continues to rise, many cosmetic manufacturers are seeking more natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients for their products. The increasing demand for natural ingredients and the growing consumer base that cares about raw-material composition (primarily the millennials), is considered to be a good opportunity for the key players in the beauty and personal care products market for a higher brand penetration.


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